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60400 Noyon, France

LE MARCHE DE FRANC, from 01-03-2012 to 31-03-2012

Every month, Noyon's main streets and the Place de l'Hotel de Ville are taken over by the Marché de Franc, a large provincial market which sells fruit, vegetables, seasonal flowers, wine and champagne. Originally a cattle market, it has now mutated into an ideal...

Avignon, France

LES HIVERNALES, from 16-02-2012 to 20-03-2012

The Hivernales is a contemporary dance festival which is held annually in locations in and around Avignon. Over 350 dance companies participating in the event since its inception, and it attracts 10,000 spectators and 400 trainees each year. The festival program is...

Menton, France

LEMON FESTIVAL OF MENTON, from 17-02-2012 to 07-03-2012

Put a touch of madness in your life and watch the famous Lemon Festival in Menton. This is a unique event in which are organized: parades, exhibitions, and even an orchid festival.

Beaune, France

THE SAINT VINCENT'S DAY, from 21-01-2012 to 29-01-2012

The brotherhoods of Burgundy wine proclaim St. Vincent as their patron saint. According to legend, his ass accidentally invented the art of carving while munching on a vine. Whether true or not, in January we see toasts throughout the region to honor Saint Vincent...

Rennes, France

TRANSMUSICALES IN RENNES, from 01-12-2011 to 03-12-2011

The Transmusicales Rennes celebrate their 33rd edition this year. A rock festival "Winter" singular claiming more than ever a traditional approach and a fierce determination to clear the contemporary music. True to their reputation, "Trans" does not currently known...

Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine, 1 Place du Trocadéro et 11 novembre, 75016 Paris, France

THE TOWNHOUSE. A PARISIAN AMBITION, from 05-10-2011 to 19-02-2012

The private mansions is a key component of the architecture of Paris, this beautiful exhibition traces the history of the capital, by studying the development of hotels in different parts of the city. It will take you three additional courses in order to discover...

Chablis, France

CHABLIS WINE FESTIVAL, from 22-10-2011 to 23-10-2011

The Chablis Wine Festival takes place every fourth Saturday and Sunday in October. If you're in the area, then you really should take a ride through the city whose name symbolizes the white wine. Saturday is devoted to a competition among producers of local wine...

20 Rue André del Sarte, 75018 Paris, France

MONTMARTRE HARVEST FESTIVAL (PARIS), from 05-10-2011 to 09-10-2011

Since 1934, residents of Montmartre gather to celebrate with everyone, wine and gastronomy, which contribute to the diversity and vitality of the Parisian culture. See you in Montmartre at the option of tasting, shows, exhibitions and many events that make this...

Lyon, France

BIENNALE DE LYON, from 15-09-2011 to 31-12-2011

Designed by curator Victoria Noorthoorn Argentina, the 11th Biennale de Lyon showcases 70 artists from around the world, but especially in Europe, Africa and Latin America. Their work is displayed on more than 14,000 square feet spread over four locations: The...

La Treille, 83111 Ampus, France

LIVE THEATRE OF MANON DES SOURCES, from 03-10-2011 to 31-10-2011

During a walking tour of about 12 km from La Treille, enjoy one of the works of Marcel Pagnol as if you were there. Pagnol was one of the first filmmakers to come out of the studio cameras, to shoot outdoors filming real life. Since 1998, thanks to the Companies...

34-44 Place Saint-Corentin, 29000 Quimper, France

JACQUES DOUCET, LE COBRA FRANCAIS, from 14-10-2011 to 09-01-2012

Exhibition organized in collaboration with the location of Contemporary Art and Action (WVA) of Dunkirk and the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen (Netherlands). Jacques Doucet (1924 - 1994) began his career as a painter in the years after the war and was with Jean-Michel...

105 Route de la Corniche, 29200 Brest, France

BREST 2012, from 13-07-2012 to 19-07-2012

Every four years, the Bay of Brest was the scene of parades of another age and becomes a paradise for lovers of old ships. With its cathedral floating on water, high mass water attracts up to a million faithful, literally magnetized by all three masts for like...

Saint-Malo, France

QUAI DES BULLES FESTIVAL IN SAINT MALO, from 28-10-2011 to 30-10-2011

The last weekend of October is an opportunity for 400 cartoonists find themselves at the festival Quai des bulles. Somewhere in Brittany, a village of indomitable cartoonists Breton resist. Jean-Claude Fournier, Alain Goutal, Joub, Nicoby and others take the handle...

Dinard, France

BRITISH FILM FESTIVAL DINARD, from 05-10-2011 to 09-10-2011

Hitchcock will have the gold? Each year, the same suspense is the Croisette Dinard in suspense. The British Film Festival has made a mascot Alfred appointment of the 7th art in the original. For almost twenty years in Dinard, the scenario is repeated continuously,...

Le Blavet, France

ART IN THE CHAPELS, from 08-07-2011 to 18-09-2011

Art in the chapels is a unique experience, contemporary art and enjoy the religious heritage of each summer to start a dialogue to say the least original. Every summer, in a score of sites scattered the Blavet Valley, art is invited in the Chapels. The opportunity...

Chambord, France

ASSIST TO THE BELLING OF DEER, from 14-09-2011 to 02-10-2011

Mid-September, the deer took possession of the prairies. Domaine de Chambord offers two hours of intimacy with the animals, to understand and observe the deer during the mating season. At dawn or dusk, you will leave with a forest reserve in the heart of Chambord....

Arêches-Beaufort, 73270 Beaufort, France

PIERRA MANTA, from 15-03-2012 to 18-03-2012

Since 25 years Areches-Beaufort hosts an impressive ski mountaineering race that borrows its name from the huge rock that dominates its 2714 m.; 2 per team of over 400 competitors will climb during 4 days the 10,000 m. of elevation gain. Athletes are expected at the...

Perpignan, France

VISA POUR L'IMAGE FESTIVAL, from 27-08-2011 to 11-09-2011

The largest international festival of photojournalism, which is held annually in Perpignan is a beautiful meeting place for lovers of photography, it brings thousands of visitors around the same passion. The delights of exhibitions spread throughout the city and...

Saint-Malo, France

LA ROUTE DU ROCK, from 13-08-2011 to 15-08-2011

Since hosting the 1991 Saint Malo La Route du Rock Festival has built up a solid reputation for quality music programming. A perfect opportunity to stroll and discover the beautiful Emerald Coast.

Quimper, France

QUIMPER MUSICAL WEEKS, from 02-08-2011 to 20-08-2011

For over 30 years, throughout the first three weeks of August. Quimper Musical Weeks attract a large and loyal audience. Piano, harpsichord, organ, strings and winds mix with the most moving voices to celebrate the greatest composers. Again this year, performed by...

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