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Nocera Terinese Catanzaro, Italie

PROCESSION OF VATTIENTI, from 07-04-2012 to 07-04-2012

Every Easter Saturday, the small town of Nocera Torinese, in Calabria, was the scene of a procession of flagellants. Grand Entry, the penitents dressed in black beat their bare legs riddled with pieces of cork shards, while the streets flowing with blood and...

Gènes, Italie

PALIO OF THE FOUR ANCIENT MARITIME REPUBLIC, from 31-05-2012 to 31-05-2012

This boat race is held alternately in the four ancient maritime rival Pisa, Venice, Genoa and Amalfi.

12051 Alba Coni, Italie

INTERNATIONAL ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE, from 08-10-2011 to 13-11-2011

A perfect opportunity to discover the famous white truffles of Alba. Many traders are exposed to their products on the world market for truffles. The market is at the heart of the fair dedicated to the white truffle of Alba. Visitors will be able to find certified...

San Miniato Pise, Italie

WHITE TRUFFLE FAIR SAN MINIATO, from 12-11-2011 to 26-11-2011

At San Miniato, in November, held the Fair of the White Truffle of San Miniato. San minato is also called the City of truffles, it is indeed a production area that extends to the Pisan countryside. The tradition of the San Miniato truffle these roots back to the...

Strada Provinciale di Pollara, 98050 Malfa Messine, Italie

Sagra del Cappero - The Caper Festival, from 01-06-2012 to 07-06-2012

Polara annually hosts an annual festival exuberant celebrating the caper or Tondini, the main variety grown on the island. La Sagra del Cappero stands on the village square with lots of dancing. There are stands offering classic dishes such as cheese stuffed with...

05018 Orvieto Terni, Italie

UMBRIA JAZZ WINTER, from 28-12-2011 to 01-01-2012

From the moment of its birth in 1973, Umbria Jazz was clearly different from the other Italian jazz festivals. While jazz was usually to be heard in small clubs and occasionally in theatres and concert halls, Umbria Jazz took the music into the historic town squares...

09076 Sedilo Oristano, Italie

MAN AND HORSES, from 27-07-2011 to 27-07-2011

For centuries, the shepherds of Sedilo celebrate a frantic cavalcade a decisive victory in their "holy" Constantine. Tens of thousands of Sardis and tourists make the pilgrimage in the mountainous hinterland to attend this unique event.

Massa Marittima Province de Grosseto, Italie

BALESTRO DEL GIRIFALCO ARCHERY CONTEST, from 14-08-2011 to 14-08-2011

This contest is organized twice per year: 4 May and second sunday of august. 24 arbalesters join this contest, 8 archers for all the Terzieri composed the Massa Maritima region.

80071 Anacapri Naples, Italie

ANACAPRI ANNUAL FESTIVAL, from 29-08-2011 to 11-09-2011

The island's annual Settembrata involves the entire population of Anacapri in a fortnight of festivities, organized in the old quarters of Boffe, Caprile, Catena and the Piazza. Events include a procession in historical costume, food and wine fairs, concerts and...

Palais Pitti, Piazza de' Pitti, 1, 50125 Florence, Italie

SPLENDOR AND LUXE AT THE BORGHESE COURT, from 17-05-2011 to 11-09-2011

The exhibition is linked to initiatives for the unification of Italy 150 years, focusing on a specific theme, Florence and international at the same time: that of the new path that opened after 1861 for the brilliant craftsmanship art, which flourished for three...

Parme, Italie

VERDI FESTIVAL, from 01-10-2011 to 28-10-2011

From October 1 to 28, days alive with music at the Teatro Regio di Parma Busseto and in the theaters and the most charming places of the land of Verdi. The Green Festival, a challenge that will happen again thanks to the Ministry for Arts and Culture, institutions...

Via Teatro Greco, 40, 98039 Taormine Messine, Italie

SINOPOLI FESTIVAL, from 01-10-2011 to 31-10-2011

An important scenario for a festival dedicated to the figure of Joseph Sinopoli, Conductor, which has long tied its image to that Taormina Arte.

46100 Mantoue, Italie

FESTIVAL LETTERATURA, from 07-09-2011 to 11-09-2011

Fifteenth edition for a Festival that offers cultural events, lectures, shows, concerts and full of fun and originality of the show for a well-known formula in the Anglo-Saxon countries, it is not surprising that Mantua is inspired event in Hay-on-Wye in Wales.

Sarzana La Spezia, Italie

FESTIVAL DELLA MENTE, from 02-09-2011 to 04-09-2011

The first European festival that explores the theme of creativity and dynamic process in its search path and the relentless growth of human, and takes place in the beautiful medieval town of Sarzana Liguria. During the event meetings are held with artists,...

Lido, 30126 Venise, Italie

INTERNATIONAL MOSTRA OF CINEMA VENISE, from 31-08-2011 to 10-09-2011

One of the most popular festivals in international productions of the best films in competition and awards, and awards prizes for movies that stand out of competition, including through technological innovation and content.

84010 Ravello Salernes, Italie

RAVELLO FESTIVAL, from 21-07-2011 to 21-09-2011

Ravello festival needs no introduction: his reputation is international, it provides its audiences with a rich program of classical music, chamber music and dance, visual arts. The organizers always reserve a room for the new artistic trends and special events. Each...

Torre Del Lago, 55049 Viareggio Lucques, Italie

55th PUCCINI FESTIVAL, from 22-07-2011 to 27-08-2011

Torre del Lago hosts Puccini Festival since 1930 in the theater near the mausoleum of the city where the remains of the master, all this offers an extraordinary scene to music and the most significant Italian artists and appreciated worldwide.

53045 Montepulciano Sienne, Italie

CANTIERE INTERNATIONAL ART, from 18-07-2011 to 01-08-2011

The Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte di Montepulciano, is an event created to promote art and culture and support the work of young artists in music, dance, set design, cinematography, and much more, for the production and for the interpretation of the classical...

Riva del Garda Trente, Italie

MUSICARIVA FESTIVAL, from 16-07-2011 to 04-08-2011

This festival is a high level meeting that welcome the public with passionate performance such as classic music, danse and opera with young artsits worldwide.

94015 Piazza Armerina Enna, Italie

PALIO OF THE NORMAND, from 12-08-2011 to 15-08-2011

The Palio dei Normanni, 12, 13 and 14 August, aims to revive the medieval period. The palio evokes the victory of Roger of Altavilla of the Saracens in 1071, and the release of Piazza Armerina. Horse Racing (stage) and parades in period costumes, narrated in the...

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