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Rennes, France

TRANSMUSICALES IN RENNES, from 01-12-2011 to 03-12-2011

The Transmusicales Rennes celebrate their 33rd edition this year. A rock festival "Winter" singular claiming more than ever a traditional approach and a fierce determination to clear the contemporary music. True to their reputation, "Trans" does not currently known...

Pushkar, Rajasthan, Inde

ATTEND THE LARGEST WORLD CAMEL FAIR, from 31-10-2011 to 09-11-2011

Kartik Purnima is a festival celebrated on the Hindu holy day of full moon or the fifteenth lunar day of Kartik (between October and December). It is also known to be the largest camel fair in the world. Each year the holy city of Pushkar welcomes thousands of...

Qûtb Minâr, Aurobindo Marg, Ladha Sarai, Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi, Inde

QUTUB FESTIVAL, from 22-10-2011 to 25-10-2011

The Qutub Festival of classical music and dance takes place in the month of October to commemorate the historical significance of Qutub Minar. The Festival highlights the greatness of India and its cultural achievements in the various forms of dance and music. In...

Purana Quila Rd, New Delhi, Delhi, Inde

SEE THE ANANYA FESTIVAL, from 01-10-2011 to 15-10-2011

The ramparts of Purana Qila, a 16th century fort are a beautiful natural setting for classical dance festival Ananya.

Tanger, Maroc

TRADITIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL OF TANGIER, from 15-06-2012 to 27-06-2012

The Tarab Tangier is the opportunity to celebrate the traditional music of all countries around the Mediterranean.

Ísafjörður, Islande

ALDREI MUSICAL FESTIVAL, from 20-04-2012 to 30-04-2012

In April, the festival of music for Aldrei for eg suour is a model of its kind. First, it is free and open to all ages. No artist is paid, and each must play 20 min. Some concerts are held in the baths Isafjordur. It coincides with the ski season.

Gènes, Italie

PALIO OF THE FOUR ANCIENT MARITIME REPUBLIC, from 31-05-2012 to 31-05-2012

This boat race is held alternately in the four ancient maritime rival Pisa, Venice, Genoa and Amalfi.

Île de Pentecôte, Vanuatu

NAGHOL VANUATU, from 20-04-2012 to 05-06-2012

One of the most impressive celebrations of the South Pacific. Every year on the island of Pentecost, the men throw the high towers of branches with the only tie vines twisted ankles.

Rio de Janeiro - État de Rio de Janeiro, Brésil

SEE THE RIO CARNAVAL, from 17-02-2012 to 22-02-2012

Find a costume and dance in the streets during the festivities preceding Lent. The liveliest carnivals are those of Rio, Salvador and Recife. For the lucky ones you can attend the parade celebrating the Sambodrome to see the famous parade of Samba schools in Rio who...

Boquete, Panama

FLOWER AND COFFEE FESTIVAL IN PANAMA, from 10-01-2012 to 20-01-2012

Each month of January in Boquete, people from around the world to participate in the celebration of flowers and coffee. La Feria de las Flores y del Café, an event celebrated in over 50 years. Artisans of the South and Central America exhibit their products, play...

Oruro, Bolivie

ORURO CARNAVAL, from 17-02-2012 to 20-02-2012

The Oruro Carnival is one of the biggest festivals in South America, which attracts over 400,000 people to celebrate the ancient cultural traditions of Bolivia. Expect to see the devil dancing and water fights. To close the festival, a parade of 20 hours with nearly...

Riga, Lettonie

THE STARO RIGA LIGHT FESTIVAL, from 15-11-2012 to 18-11-2012

Organized as a way to distract the Latvians early in gloomy long winter nights, the festival Staro Lights takes place in November, with the bridges of the city, parks and monuments illuminated by strange designs. In previous years saw luminous jellyfish floating...

Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine, 1 Place du Trocadéro et 11 novembre, 75016 Paris, France

THE TOWNHOUSE. A PARISIAN AMBITION, from 05-10-2011 to 19-02-2012

The private mansions is a key component of the architecture of Paris, this beautiful exhibition traces the history of the capital, by studying the development of hotels in different parts of the city. It will take you three additional courses in order to discover...

Lamu, Kenya

THE MAULIDI FESTIVAL - LAMU, from 05-06-2012 to 20-06-2012

The Maulidi festival is held annually during the month of June or in the Muslim calendar. The festival filled the old town of Lamu pleasure, which converges African communities of the East for the occasion. Lamu is declared a World Heritage site has managed to...

Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya ulitsa, Moscou, Russie, 105120

THE MOSCOW BIENNALE OF CONTEMPORARY ART, from 23-09-2011 to 30-10-2011

The Biennale of Contemporary Art in Moscow opened its fourth edition. Entitled "Rewriting the Worlds", this edition will feature 64 artists and 14 arts groups of more than 33 countries. They are famous or less famous, but they make an important contribution to the...

Hiratsuka, Préfecture de Kanagawa, Japon

HIRATSUKA TANABATA FESTIVAL, from 08-07-2012 to 12-07-2012

Also called the star festival, is held every july. The festival celebrates an old Japanese legend: one night each year. Orihime, the emperor of the galaxy's daughter, can meet her lover, whom the emperor had banished to the other side of the Milky Way. People mark...

Oulan-Bator, Mongolie

THE NATIONAL FESTIVAL NAADAM, from 11-07-2012 to 13-07-2012

The Naadam festival is celebrated in Mongolia for several hundred years. Since 1921 she became the national holiday of the Mongols. Celebrated annually in Ulaanbaatar on 11-12 July, is a three manly games representing the traditional arts of Mongolia: wrestling,...

National Gallery de Londres, Cité de Westminster, Londres SW1Y 5, Royaume-Uni

LEONARD DE VINCI - NATIONAL GALLERY (LONDON), from 09-11-2011 to 05-02-2012

The exhibition "Leonardo da Vinci painter to the court of Milan" is the most comprehensive displays of rare paintings ever held. This unprecedented exhibition is the first of its kind in the world which includes loans sensational ever seen in the UK. While many...

Pushkar, Rajasthan, Inde

PUSHKAR CAMEL FESTIVAL, from 06-11-2011 to 09-11-2011

The peaceful lakeside town of Pushkar is filled each year at this event unique and indispensable. Originally designed to attract traders of camels and cattle to do business during the festival Katrik Purnima, the Pushkar camel festival has become a major tourist...

Berlin, Allemagne

FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS IN BERLIN, from 12-10-2011 to 23-10-2011

The Festival of Lights is one of the biggest festivals of light in the world. Each year, for twelve days in October, the famous monuments in Berlin are dressed in light. The German and international artists exhibit extraordinary illuminations. The festival is...

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