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60400 Noyon, France

LE MARCHE DE FRANC, from 01-03-2012 to 31-03-2012

Every month, Noyon's main streets and the Place de l'Hotel de Ville are taken over by the Marché de Franc, a large provincial market which sells fruit, vegetables, seasonal flowers, wine and champagne. Originally a cattle market, it has now mutated into an ideal...

Beaune, France

THE SAINT VINCENT'S DAY, from 21-01-2012 to 29-01-2012

The brotherhoods of Burgundy wine proclaim St. Vincent as their patron saint. According to legend, his ass accidentally invented the art of carving while munching on a vine. Whether true or not, in January we see toasts throughout the region to honor Saint Vincent...

Falmouth, Cornouailles, Royaume-Uni

THE FALMOUST OYSTER FESTIVAL, from 13-10-2011 to 16-10-2011

October marks the beginning of the season for dredging oysters in the seaside town of Falmouth in Cornwall. Some regulations require that the 19th century engines are prohibited in the waters around (not to disturb shellfish), so the fishermen traverse winding...

12051 Alba Coni, Italie

INTERNATIONAL ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE, from 08-10-2011 to 13-11-2011

A perfect opportunity to discover the famous white truffles of Alba. Many traders are exposed to their products on the world market for truffles. The market is at the heart of the fair dedicated to the white truffle of Alba. Visitors will be able to find certified...

Chablis, France

CHABLIS WINE FESTIVAL, from 22-10-2011 to 23-10-2011

The Chablis Wine Festival takes place every fourth Saturday and Sunday in October. If you're in the area, then you really should take a ride through the city whose name symbolizes the white wine. Saturday is devoted to a competition among producers of local wine...

20 Rue André del Sarte, 75018 Paris, France

MONTMARTRE HARVEST FESTIVAL (PARIS), from 05-10-2011 to 09-10-2011

Since 1934, residents of Montmartre gather to celebrate with everyone, wine and gastronomy, which contribute to the diversity and vitality of the Parisian culture. See you in Montmartre at the option of tasting, shows, exhibitions and many events that make this...

City of London, Cité de Londres, Royaume-Uni

LONDON RESTAURANT FESTIVAL, from 03-10-2011 to 17-10-2011

Review your assumptions about British cooking by attending the London Restaurant Festival that brings together top leaders settled in the British capital.

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, Canada

NIAGARA NEW VINTAGE FESTIVAL, from 16-06-2012 to 24-06-2012

The fanatics of wine and gastronomy on a visit to Niagara will experience the Niagara New Vintage Festival. Wines of international fame, fresh produce, and a unique dining experience in Ontario are at the center of the two weeks of culinary madness.

Kinsale, Co. Comté de Cork, Irlande

KINSALE FOOD FESTIVAL, from 08-10-2011 to 10-10-2011

A fabulous festival that celebrates everything the gourmet county of Ireland has to offer. It takes place in Acton's and Trident hotels and restaurants in every city participating in the Good Food Circle.


SINGAPOUR FOOD FESTIVAL, from 10-07-2012 to 20-07-2012

Smell the spicy aromas that soar above the cooking classes, demonstrations, tastings and multi-ethnic cuisine, this is what you find in Singapore during the Festival of taste. Makan, which means both "food" and "eat" in Malay, is on everyone's lips during the...

Islay, Argyll and Bute, Royaume-Uni

ISLAY MALT AND MUSIC FESTIVAL, from 25-05-2012 to 03-06-2012

The Islay Festival brings together hundreds of thousands of people on the beautiful island of Islay. Why not take a trip and visit the island of Islay. You will receive a warm welcome, kindness, songs, poetry, history, classes in Gaelic song, fishing, whiskey...

San Miniato Pise, Italie

WHITE TRUFFLE FAIR SAN MINIATO, from 12-11-2011 to 26-11-2011

At San Miniato, in November, held the Fair of the White Truffle of San Miniato. San minato is also called the City of truffles, it is indeed a production area that extends to the Pisan countryside. The tradition of the San Miniato truffle these roots back to the...

Strada Provinciale di Pollara, 98050 Malfa Messine, Italie

Sagra del Cappero - The Caper Festival, from 01-06-2012 to 07-06-2012

Polara annually hosts an annual festival exuberant celebrating the caper or Tondini, the main variety grown on the island. La Sagra del Cappero stands on the village square with lots of dancing. There are stands offering classic dishes such as cheese stuffed with...

Maclean Nouvelle-Galles du Sud, Australie

MACLEAN HIGHLAND GATHERING, from 06-04-2012 to 07-04-2012

Maclean is known the "Scottish town in Australia 'and clans invade the town to collect the highlands across the country. Pipe Band competitions are held in different locations, as well as street concerts with dancers and singers. Showground a parade of all...

Hobart Tasmanie, Australie

AUSTRALIAN WOODEN BOAT FESTIVAL, from 08-02-2013 to 11-02-2013

Join us in Hobart for the Wooden Boat Festival Australia, a spectacular four-day celebration of maritime culture and craftsmanship. More than 500 boats and wooden boats of all shapes and sizes gather on the historic waterfront of the city. This amazing scene of...

Gold Coast Queensland, Australie

TASTES OF GOLD COAST, from 03-09-2011 to 18-09-2011

The festival tastes of Gold Coast highlights the cuisine, the wines made ??by local chefs, fine restaurants, bars, food and cultural experiences. Last year, the festival has involved more than 60 restaurants, producers, suppliers, and venues across the Gold Coast.

80071 Anacapri Naples, Italie

ANACAPRI ANNUAL FESTIVAL, from 29-08-2011 to 11-09-2011

The island's annual Settembrata involves the entire population of Anacapri in a fortnight of festivities, organized in the old quarters of Boffe, Caprile, Catena and the Piazza. Events include a procession in historical costume, food and wine fairs, concerts and...

45700 Consuegra, Espagne

FEAST OF THE ROSE AND SAFFRON, from 28-10-2011 to 30-10-2011

Consuegra, Toledo province, lives in late October in time to the Rose festival of saffron. Its aim is to discover the cultural essence of Castile-La Mancha through food, crafts, history and traditions. The programming of this event, very varied, beginning with the...

Arènes de Málaga, Paseo REDING, 8, 29016 Malaga, Espagne

MALAGA'S FERIA, from 12-08-2011 to 21-08-2011

Feria of Málaga commemorates the reconquest of the city by the Catholic Kings in August 1487. The former home of the Cortijo de Torres enclosure of the fair, El Real, where several activities, contests, performances and concerts are organized. A host of events...

Huesca, Espagne

SAINT LAURENT FEAST, from 08-08-2011 to 14-08-2011

The rocket launched from the balcony of City Hall marks the start of the new day of joy and entertainment, marked by music, bands and folk dances, concerts, peñas, as well as religious acts, sporting events, bulls and a large number of activities for all ages.

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