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Albarquel Expedition

Albarquel Expedition

Longyearbyen, Svalbard And Jan Mayen Islands

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You embark on an adventure polar exceptional! From the beginning of the Arctic summer, discover the wonders of the West Coast and northern Svalbard. Protected anchorages, meetings ... we sail in the most beautiful places, far from the images agreed. We tread in the footsteps of the great polar adventurers. The bird cliff nesting thousands of little auks, puffins and other arctic terns, orcas, seals and other walruses, scientific and historical sites, cabins of trappers are multiple encounters. If luck is with us, the lord of the manor, the polar bear, will show ... For 12 days navigation and hiking down the pace of life on board. This trip is exceptional. Obviously, the program is subject to weather conditions. Spitsbergen, the ice makes the law. And on a sailboat, it's the weather that decides! Therefore, the course "day day" can be changed depending on weather conditions. Albarquel navigates his pace (an average of 6 knots per hour, about 10 km / h) and its size allows it to approach closer to nature.

25 m in length - 6.00 meters wide - 2 meters Draught - 260 m! of sail area. 2 double cabins, 1 triple cabin and a family cabin (sleeps 4) with an adjustable heater and 220 V socket in each cabin. 2 spaces bathroom (shower + toilet), sink in each cabin. Auxiliary engine 160cv Cummins, Vessels in the second category in NUC, under the French flag. Drying cabinet for ski boots and hiking (warm air). Square hosting 12 people for meals and relaxation. DVD player & flat screen to see when you return to edge photos and videos of the day. Or movies from the edge! Media library available (books, DVDs, CDs ...). 5 burner stove, oven (conventional & microwave), 220 l freezer, refrigerator. Washing machine, dryer, 220 V electrical outlets Appendix Narwhal RIB 4 m long, outboard motor for docking and drops to the ground.

  • SPITZBERG CAP AU NORD Travel dates: From 9 to 21 June 2012 From 23 June to 5 Jully 2012 From 7 to 19 Jully 2012 Rates: 2800 € / person Itinerary: Day 1 (Saturday): Longyearbyen You arrive late at night (but it's day!) At the airport in Longyearbyen. A crew member you hosts. Transfer of Albarquel, snack and installation on board. Day 2 (Sunday): Longyearbyen - Isfjord - Tryghamna Breakfast reception and presentation of the experience. Equipment in the morning to Tryghamna. Walking mid-afternoon to the cliff to the colony of birds and foxes. Equipment to Ny- Ålesund and navigation under the midnight sun in the Forlandsundet. Between PrinsKarlsForland (Prince's Island Charles) and the west coast of the island of Spitsbergen, weather permitting, we will explore the fjords preserved. Day 3 (Monday): Kongsfjorden (King's Bay) - Ny-Ålesund Arrival at Ny-Ålesund in the morning. Visit science facilities in the afternoon and then crossing Kongsfjorden (very short sail an hour) to reach the anchorage at the foot of Mount Blomstrand. Night at anchor. Day 4 (Tuesday): King's Bay from Mount Blomstrand Climbing Mount Blomstrand (two hours, easy) for a panoramic view of all King's Bay and glaciers. We take the opportunity to locate the boat trip the next day to the Northwest. Night at anchor. Day 5 (Wednesday) at day 8 (Saturday): Cabotage between the King and Bay Danskøya We spend some beautiful moments, alternating short and sailing excursions ashore from the Bay King Danskøya up (a great site whaling and bird cliffs), through the Bay of Madeleine and Wodfjorden. We are approaching Moffen, the island nature reserve of walruses at 80 ° North. Each night is spent at anchor. Days 9 & 10 (Sunday & Monday): The Road to the south Morning departure. We return to the South. We slip in the footsteps of Prince Albert Monaco and anchored opposite the glacier in July of 14-Krossfjorden (Cross Bay). Day 11 (Tuesday): Isfjorden By late morning we arrive in Isfjorden. According navigation and desires of the moment, we set anchor at Tempelfjord or Borebukta. Day 12 (Wednesday): Isfjorden - Longyearbyen We arrive in Longyearbyen early enough so that you can take a walk in town, visit the Polar Museum or one of the airship, search for memories. We celebrate all our return. Day 13 (Thursday): Transfer to the airport and goodbye!
    500.00 €
  • SAIL AND SKI IN THE LYNGEN ALPES Travel dates: From April 14 to April 21, 2012 From May 5 to May 12, 2012 Rates: 2345 € / personn Itinerary: Day 1 (Saturday): Tromsø You arrive late afternoon at the airport of Tromsø. A member of the crew welcomes you. Transfer of Albarquel and installation on board. After the briefing home, we head towards the starting point for our first hike we will reach after a few hours of sailing. Overnight on board. Day 2 (Sunday): The Soltinden (1051 m) After a hearty breakfast, we let you down with your hardware for your first ride. The aim of the day: the Soltinden with a nice hike on a glacier. On your return on board by mid-afternoon, we set off to join tomorrow's stage: the Trolltinden. Overnight on board. Day 3 (Monday): The Trolltinden (909 m) From the pier where we landed, you cross a snow-covered road and through the meadows, reach the foot of the southwest ridge. The walk takes you to the top of Trolltinden to 850 meters from where the view is magnificent. You come back on board in late afternoon. We remain docked for a good night's rest! Day 4 (Tuesday): The Singeltinden (742 m) After a short sail, we let you down in the morning at the foot of Singeltinden, a favorite of Prince peaks Hakkon who falls telemark! The beauty of the descent facing the sea is breathtaking. When you return, after an invigorating taste, we sail to the island of Uløya on which we landed on the east side for the night. Day 5 (Wednesday): Uløya and Blåtinden (1142 m) The race is easy, and the regular route never very steep slope. But the west side is one of many hiking opportunities through Uløya. The views of the islands of Kagen and Arnøya is magical. Just let you down between birch and spruce! We find the other side of the island. While you rest a little (and some of you are trying to troll!), We are heading to Ullsfjorden. We spend the night at anchor Day 6 (Thursday): Ie Stetinden We drop you attached and you are ready to climb the slopes of Stetinden that lead you to 918 m. After the ride, you come back on board for a sweet night at anchor. Day 7 (Friday): The Nordjfellet Early morning we set off a short sail. Since Røssneshamnes, you climb the slopes of Nordfjellet, cross the lake Ringvatnet, walk along the valley to discover the summit at 1000 m altitude. Then the beautiful slopes (sometimes a bit steep, exposed) are available to you. On your return on board, we celebrate together this last hike of your program. We drive to Tromsø, where we will overnight in port. Day 8 (Saturday): Tromsø Transfer to the airport after breakfast
    670.00 €
  • SPITZBERG SOUTHERN CAPE Departure dates: From July 21 to August 2, 2012 From August 4 to 16, 2012 From August 18 to 30, 2012 Rates: 2800 € / person Itinerary: Day 1 (Saturday): Longyearbyen We welcome you in the evening at the airport in Longyearbyen. Transfer of Albarquel and installation. Day 2 (dimandhe): Longyearbyen - Isfjorden Breakfast reception and presentation of the experience. Equipment by mid-morning to where Trygghamna we will observe a colony of arctic foxes. Night at anchor. Day 3 (Monday): Bellsund - Van Mijenfjorden We sail up the fjord Bellsund. We will hike in Van Mijenfjorden, approaching the glacier and cliff birds then in Van Keulenfjorden, great site with many whaling remains, Trapper cabins and hiking discovery of a cemetery belugas. Night at anchor. Day 4 (Tuesday): Bellsund of at Hornsund After a hike in the morning, we set off for Hornsund. Coasting trade in sumptuous landscapes (bird cliffs, glaciers ...). Night at sea with a probable stop for lunch around the bird sanctuary Dunøyane. Day 5 (Wednesday): Exploration in the fjord of Hornsund Arrival early morning and after breakfast, experience and discover the fjord and anchored in Isbjørnbukta facing the glacier Hansbreen. In the afternoon, visit of the Polish scientific basis where the welcome of Albarquel is always warm. Scientists stationed here for several months or even years, enjoy sharing their work with us over tea or coffee. They explain their life away from it all. After this stop, we go hiking to the glacier and discover (without disturbing) the colony of little auks which houses on the slopes of Hornsundtind. We spend the night at anchor in the calm waters of the bay. Days 6 & 7 (Thursday and Friday): The Road to the East Coast and Sørkapp Morning departure. We sail to the South Cape and the waters are an endless blue. Mountains are the sentinels of this passage in which the growlers, ice cubes that intersect at sea, are numerous. Isbukta possible arrival in late afternoon on Saturday. Night at anchor in Isbukta, "bay ice" Norwegian. Day 8 (Saturday): Exploring Isbukta and drive to Hambergbukta We go ashore. The snow is constantly present. Eiders accompany us. Sometimes, a beluga crosses our path. Seals watch us pass. If the equation + ice seals is confirmed, the bear is there ... After lunch on board the touring schedule in the middle of growlers, in a world surprisingly pure. We approach the impressive bearded seals. Then navigate in the evening until Hambergbukta where we will finish the night at anchor. Day 9 (Sunday): Hambergbukta Bears are more likely. We are approaching Ingelfieldbukta. Long and successful approach glacier. We turn back in the evening and begin our second pass of Sørkapp. Day 10 (Monday) to 12 (Wednesday): Bellsund - Recherchefjorden - Isfjorden Navigation along the west coast until Bellsund. Wed night we arrive in the Bay of Research, named after the French corvette La Recherche who led a scientific expedition to Svalbard between 1838 and 1840. Since the anchor, we will explore the bird cliffs and admire the gyrfalcon. Departure for Isfjorden in the evening, cabotage navigation to Longyearbyen. After skirting the majestic cliffs of Grumantbyen, we arrive early enough to Longyearbyen you can go for a walk, visit the Polar Museum, look for souvenirs. We celebrate all our return. Day 13 (Thursday): Transfer to the airport.
    500.00 €
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