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Aetoma Hotel

Aetoma Hotel

Nafplion, Greece

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Aetoma traditional hotel is situated in Nafplion, a city with a unique history and a magical aura about it. Hotel Aetoma, an 18th Century mansion, having been totally renovated to the highest standards, now combines the beauty of the past with the comforts of today and offers the perfect environment for its guests relaxation and is the ideal accommodation for a "get away from it all" visit to historical Nafplion. The Neoclassical 'feel' is apparent in all 5 of the Hotel Aetoma's luxurious and hospitable rooms. In fact one of the Aetoma hotel rooms the Akrokeramo Suite seems to have glided effortlessly and had landed on the roof of the Traditional Hotel Aetoma. As soon as someone enters the Hotel Aetoma, the feeling of familiarity combined with the unique and luxurious setting, becomes aware that the Aetoma had been renovated with its guests comfort in mind.

Internet facilities, Breakfast room, Jacuzzi, Lobby lounge, Reception, Safes, TV room, Room service, Breakfast in Aetoma is taken in the breakfast room on the first floor. tables with traditional blankets handmade, breakfast consists of jams, bread, sweets all made ​​by hand, A / C, Internet facilities, bathroom / shower, dryer • Fridge, Mini Bar, Safe, Telephone, Music, TV, Satellite TV, Balcony, Veranda mountain views, Jacuzzi.

  • AKROKERAMO ROOM Double Bed plus Double Sofa / Accom. up to 2 Akrokeramo Room: "Akrokeramo" is to be found on the highest floor of Hotel Aetoma. From the windows at night you can marvel at Palamidi, al lit up, and from the veranda that surrounds Akrokeramo, one can have a perfect of Nafplion city. Florentine furniture, the Venetian mirror, the yellowish shades complete the scene for a wonderful stay in Nafplion. Akrokeramo offers a double bed as well as a double sofa which can open up to accommodate 2 extra persons Sleeps 2 to 4 guests.
  • ANTHEMIO ROOM Balcony/Magnificent View/Double Bed/Sofa bed Hydro Massage Shower/Sleeps up to 3 Guests Anthemio Room: "Anthemio" awaits you to tell its own story. This room had been the family's main bedroom. In the morning from one of its windows you can enjoy the views of Palamidi and in the evening you can soak in the views of the lit up Akronafplia. In its balcony you can enjoy a drink or a cup of coffee, looking out towards the historical square of Saint Spyridon that stretches in front of you. The dominant colour scheme of the "Anthemio" is different shades of light orange on its walls, the curtains, and the handmade carpets. A wonderful Venetian mirror adorns one of the rooms walls. A truly beautiful bed is on offer where you can relax, having a drink from the mini fridge and after having had your shower at its hydro massage shower. Anthemio offers a double bed as well as a double sofa which can open up to accommodate 2 extra persons Sleeps 2 to 4 guests.
  • FOUROUSI ROOM Special mild green/Florentine furnishings Balcony/hanmade carpets/DoubleBed Fourousi Room: "Fourousi " has its own special mild green colorings. Choosing to stay here during your visit to Nafplion, will reward you with its comfort, its Florentine luxurious furnishings, its mini fridge, the wonderful bureau desk, as well as the views of Palamidi castle and Akronafplia from its balcony. Works of art as well as handmade carpets also decorate the "Fourousi room". Finally do not miss the experience of relaxing and toning in its hydro massage shower. Fourousi offers a double bed - Sleeps 2 guests.
  • KIONOKRANO ROOM Balcony/Beige and brown colorings/Double Bed Double Sofa/Up to 3 guests/hydro massage show Kionokrano Room: "Kionokrano" with its beige and brown colorings on the walls, the matching handmade carpets, the luxurious curtains and its works of art, will welcome and allow you to enjoy the view of Nafplion from its balcony. Relax in the rooms comfortable Italian double bed, after having had a drink from the mini fridge, and of course after having experienced its hydro massage shower. Kionokrano offers a double bed as well as a double sofa which can open up to accommodate 2 extra persons Sleeps 2 to 4 guests.
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