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Bruxelles, Belgique

MUSEUM NIGHT FEVER, from 03-03-2012 to 03-03-2012

More than 20 museums in Brussels keep their doors open until 1am during the Museum Night Fever. But there is more than just viewing collections after dark; expect to concerts, installations, tours and workshops and an evening until 3am.

Harbin, Heilongjiang, République populaire de Chine

HARBIN ICE LANTERN FESTIVAL, from 05-01-2012 to 29-02-2012

Harbin made ??about her during her winters with icy Harbin Ice Festival the impressive Lantern. Huge blocks of ice are cut to form sculptures and buildings that are lit from within to create a sparkling ice. At nightfall, the gigantic sculpture glows electric blue,...

Burghead, Moray, Royaume-Uni

THE BURNING OF THE CLAVIE, from 11-01-2012 to 11-01-2012

On January 11th is the date of the fire Clavie, a fire festival unique to Burghead, which hosts the New Year. The importance of the 11th January was in 1750, when the Julian calendar was reformed in Britain. The new Gregorian calendar was introduced. The people...

Menton, France

LEMON FESTIVAL OF MENTON, from 17-02-2012 to 07-03-2012

Put a touch of madness in your life and watch the famous Lemon Festival in Menton. This is a unique event in which are organized: parades, exhibitions, and even an orchid festival.

Macha, Bolivie

TINKU, from 01-05-2012 to 15-05-2012

Each year in early May, farmers in the region of Potosí is réunnissent for Tinku. A word of Quechua origin, meaning meeting, union, balance, convergence, but we hear also in line of battle. This event deeply rooted in Indian traditions of the Altiplano, is to give...

Pushkar, Rajasthan, Inde

ATTEND THE LARGEST WORLD CAMEL FAIR, from 31-10-2011 to 09-11-2011

Kartik Purnima is a festival celebrated on the Hindu holy day of full moon or the fifteenth lunar day of Kartik (between October and December). It is also known to be the largest camel fair in the world. Each year the holy city of Pushkar welcomes thousands of...

Valence, Espagne

THE FALLAS, from 15-03-2012 to 20-03-2012

For one week, Valencia Fallas hosts. Real bacchanalia spring, they are festive occasion where the fire uninterrupted in all its forms: Bengal fireworks, joy and excess are highlighted.

Ísafjörður, Islande

EUROPE FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP IN MUD, from 04-08-2012 to 05-08-2012

The first weekend in August, Isafjordur welcomes the European Football Championships in mud. Slips, falls and mud baths are on the agenda of the games played in a field of mud. If you are traveling alone, the organizers you can find partners.

Ísafjörður, Islande

ALDREI MUSICAL FESTIVAL, from 20-04-2012 to 30-04-2012

In April, the festival of music for Aldrei for eg suour is a model of its kind. First, it is free and open to all ages. No artist is paid, and each must play 20 min. Some concerts are held in the baths Isafjordur. It coincides with the ski season.

Moshi, Tanzanie

KILIMANDJARO MARATHON, from 26-02-2012 to 26-02-2012

If you are bored of marathons in Paris, New York or London! Try one of Kilimanjaro. The start and finish are in Moshi.

Nocera Terinese Catanzaro, Italie

PROCESSION OF VATTIENTI, from 07-04-2012 to 07-04-2012

Every Easter Saturday, the small town of Nocera Torinese, in Calabria, was the scene of a procession of flagellants. Grand Entry, the penitents dressed in black beat their bare legs riddled with pieces of cork shards, while the streets flowing with blood and...

Île de Pentecôte, Vanuatu

NAGHOL VANUATU, from 20-04-2012 to 05-06-2012

One of the most impressive celebrations of the South Pacific. Every year on the island of Pentecost, the men throw the high towers of branches with the only tie vines twisted ankles.

Riga, Lettonie

THE STARO RIGA LIGHT FESTIVAL, from 15-11-2012 to 18-11-2012

Organized as a way to distract the Latvians early in gloomy long winter nights, the festival Staro Lights takes place in November, with the bridges of the city, parks and monuments illuminated by strange designs. In previous years saw luminous jellyfish floating...

Hiratsuka, Préfecture de Kanagawa, Japon

HIRATSUKA TANABATA FESTIVAL, from 08-07-2012 to 12-07-2012

Also called the star festival, is held every july. The festival celebrates an old Japanese legend: one night each year. Orihime, the emperor of the galaxy's daughter, can meet her lover, whom the emperor had banished to the other side of the Milky Way. People mark...

Sierra de Chincua, Loma de Oriente ( Pueblo Nuevo ), Zitácuaro, Michoacán, Mexique

MONARCH BUTTERFLIES, from 15-10-2011 to 15-03-2012

Between October and March, Mexico becomes the site of one of the most beautiful natural spectacles in Central America, where millions of monarch butterflies arrive in search of fertile land and sunlight on the branches of their trees. These beautiful insects travel...

Oulan-Bator, Mongolie

THE NATIONAL FESTIVAL NAADAM, from 11-07-2012 to 13-07-2012

The Naadam festival is celebrated in Mongolia for several hundred years. Since 1921 she became the national holiday of the Mongols. Celebrated annually in Ulaanbaatar on 11-12 July, is a three manly games representing the traditional arts of Mongolia: wrestling,...

Pushkar, Rajasthan, Inde

PUSHKAR CAMEL FESTIVAL, from 06-11-2011 to 09-11-2011

The peaceful lakeside town of Pushkar is filled each year at this event unique and indispensable. Originally designed to attract traders of camels and cattle to do business during the festival Katrik Purnima, the Pushkar camel festival has become a major tourist...

Berlin, Allemagne

FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS IN BERLIN, from 12-10-2011 to 23-10-2011

The Festival of Lights is one of the biggest festivals of light in the world. Each year, for twelve days in October, the famous monuments in Berlin are dressed in light. The German and international artists exhibit extraordinary illuminations. The festival is...

2121DESIGNSIGHT, 107-0052, Japon


This exhibition features the collaborative work of Irving Penn and Issey Miyake put together under the direction of Miyake's trusted colleague, Midori Kitamura, who assisted in their collaborative process throughout. Its aim is to provide a unique window on this...

Janjobtit Rd, Nai Mueang, Mueang Nong Khai, Province de Nong Khai 43000, Thaïlande

NAGA FIREBALLS PHENOMENON, from 10-10-2011 to 15-10-2011

Attend this unique phenomenon in the world shooting fireballs from the Mekong River. During the full moon of October, coinciding with the end of the rains, hundreds of colorful fireballs rise from the River. These occurrences are now the heart of a two-day...

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