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Shanxi, Chine


In Nanchansi in the southwest of Beijing, this tiny Buddhist temple stands on a plateau overlooking the cornfields. This is the oldest wooden structure in the country: the main building dates from the late 8th century.

Bruxelles, Belgique

MUSEUM NIGHT FEVER, from 03-03-2012 to 03-03-2012

More than 20 museums in Brussels keep their doors open until 1am during the Museum Night Fever. But there is more than just viewing collections after dark; expect to concerts, installations, tours and workshops and an evening until 3am.

Avignon, France

LES HIVERNALES, from 16-02-2012 to 20-03-2012

The Hivernales is a contemporary dance festival which is held annually in locations in and around Avignon. Over 350 dance companies participating in the event since its inception, and it attracts 10,000 spectators and 400 trainees each year. The festival program is...

Trashigang-Semtokha Hwy, Lobeysa, Bhoutan

THE PUNAKHA DROMCHE FESTIVAL, from 27-02-2012 to 02-03-2012

Take this opportunity to visit Punakha, the ancient capital of Bhutan, for the Punakha Dromche. Featuring performances of Cham, religious masked dances, this festival ends with a spectacular procession that re-enacts the 17th-century battle against a north Tibetan...

Gangaramaya Temple, Hunupitiya Lake Rd, Colombo, Sri Lanka

THE NAWAM MAHA PERAHERA FESTIVAL, from 01-02-2012 to 29-02-2012

The streets of Colombo transform under the weight of 100 elephants colored during the full moon of February. Since 1979, the Maha Perahera Navam annually attracts more than a million viewers in the Temple Gangaramaya in Hunupitiya picturesque Beira Lake. The event...

Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

QUEEN S DAY, from 29-04-2012 to 30-04-2012

Put on your beautiful orange T-shirt, drink and go to the health of the Queen through the streets of Amsterdam or on the deck of a boat.

Province de Chiang Mai, Thaïlande

WATER FIGHT IN THAILAND, from 15-04-2012 to 22-04-2012

During the Songkran festival, the Buddha statues out of temples for purification rituals. Alongside them, a whole country is embarking on a huge water fight. Chiangmai and the north of the country.

Scalloway, Shetland ZE1, Royaume-Uni

SCALLOWAY FIRE FESTIVAL, from 13-01-2012 to 13-01-2012

The Festival of Scalloway is the first Viking festival in Shetland torchlight of the season, culminating in the burning of a Viking ship at sea thereby reviving the tradition of over a thousand years, he resumed the ancient practice of sacrificing Viking. A powerful...

Région autonome du Tibet, Chine

LABA FESTIVAL, from 01-01-2012 to 31-01-2012

Crowds of people head to Lama Temple Lama Temple to celebrate the Feast of Laba. The temple lamas chant sutras and giving steaming bowls of rice porridge that are supposed to bring good luck. The name describes the position of the Laba festival in the lunar...

Burghead, Moray, Royaume-Uni

THE BURNING OF THE CLAVIE, from 11-01-2012 to 11-01-2012

On January 11th is the date of the fire Clavie, a fire festival unique to Burghead, which hosts the New Year. The importance of the 11th January was in 1750, when the Julian calendar was reformed in Britain. The new Gregorian calendar was introduced. The people...

Menton, France

LEMON FESTIVAL OF MENTON, from 17-02-2012 to 07-03-2012

Put a touch of madness in your life and watch the famous Lemon Festival in Menton. This is a unique event in which are organized: parades, exhibitions, and even an orchid festival.

Université de Salzbourg, Mirabellplatz 1, 5020 Salzbourg, Autriche

THE MOZART WEEK, from 27-01-2012 to 05-02-2012

Mozart Week is organized by the International Mozarteum Foundation in January of each month around the anniversary of Mozart, offering productions of opera and the orchestra, chamber music and solo concerts of world-renowned as Mitsuko Uchida and the Vienna...

Salzbourg, Autriche

SALZBURG EASTER FESTIVAL, from 06-04-2012 to 10-04-2012

The last meeting of the Berlin Philharmonic. After 45 years of complicity between the Berlin Philharmonic and the Easter festival, initiated by Herbert von Karajan, now is the time of separation. Farewell promise to be moving, and the greatest artists gathered...

Salzbourg, Autriche

SALZBURG FESTIVAL OF PENTECOST, from 25-05-2012 to 28-05-2012

Cecilia Bartoli, and the golden age of the festival of Pentecost! Around a character to his measure, Cleopatra, the first year of his leadership was marked by the presence of many bright stars - JE Gardiner, V. Gergiev, P. Jaroussky, V. Kasarova, A. Netrebko, AS von...

Macha, Bolivie

TINKU, from 01-05-2012 to 15-05-2012

Each year in early May, farmers in the region of Potosí is réunnissent for Tinku. A word of Quechua origin, meaning meeting, union, balance, convergence, but we hear also in line of battle. This event deeply rooted in Indian traditions of the Altiplano, is to give...

Bala, ON P0C, Canada

THE ANNUAL POW WOW OF WAHTA MOHAWKS, from 15-07-2012 to 20-07-2012

The Wahta Mohawks are a rural community Aboriginal living near Bala in central Ontario, they left Oka in Quebec to settle in Muskoka in 1881. Wahta the powwow is held every year during the season of Thanksgiving. This is a unique event that coincides with the annual...

Ohsweken, ON N0A, Canada

SEE THE GRAND RIVER POW WOW , from 28-07-2012 to 29-07-2012

Many stories exist about the origin of pow-wows. Indigenous peoples of North America has always come together to renew friendships and celebrate through song, dance and stories. Join us for this dazzling show with bright colors representing different tribes and...

607? Niwang Rd, Xian de Shangri-La, Préfecture autonome tibétaine de Dêqên, Yunnan, République populaire de Chine, 674400

GEDONG FESTIVAL, from 29-11-2011 to 29-11-2011

Gedong Festival takes place in the monastery Songzanlin each year to November 29 when the devotees of the region participate in worship and also to attend the religious dance masks: Cham dance, which are performed by monks in costume color representing deities,...

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong-Kong

JOIN TO THE VIBRANT CHINESE NEW YEAR IN HONG KONG, from 25-01-2012 to 15-02-2012

Celebrate Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. The parade is held in Tsim Sha Tsui East on the Kowloon peninsula with a cavalcade of colorful floats, dragon dancers and performers from all over the world. The day of Chinese New Year tanks are decorated and parade around...

Chichicastenango, Guatemala

SAINT TOMAS FESTIVAL, from 20-12-2012 to 24-12-2012

Guatemalan Indians in their colorful costumes come from the highlands west of Guatemala City, to enjoy the music, dance and extravagant performances at the Festival of Saint Thomas in Chichicastenango. Women wear the traditional huipil huipil colorful, made with...

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