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Ísafjörður, Islande

EUROPE FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP IN MUD, from 04-08-2012 to 05-08-2012

The first weekend in August, Isafjordur welcomes the European Football Championships in mud. Slips, falls and mud baths are on the agenda of the games played in a field of mud. If you are traveling alone, the organizers you can find partners.

Moshi, Tanzanie

KILIMANDJARO MARATHON, from 26-02-2012 to 26-02-2012

If you are bored of marathons in Paris, New York or London! Try one of Kilimanjaro. The start and finish are in Moshi.

Gènes, Italie

PALIO OF THE FOUR ANCIENT MARITIME REPUBLIC, from 31-05-2012 to 31-05-2012

This boat race is held alternately in the four ancient maritime rival Pisa, Venice, Genoa and Amalfi.

Île de Pentecôte, Vanuatu

NAGHOL VANUATU, from 20-04-2012 to 05-06-2012

One of the most impressive celebrations of the South Pacific. Every year on the island of Pentecost, the men throw the high towers of branches with the only tie vines twisted ankles.

Oulan-Bator, Mongolie

THE NATIONAL FESTIVAL NAADAM, from 11-07-2012 to 13-07-2012

The Naadam festival is celebrated in Mongolia for several hundred years. Since 1921 she became the national holiday of the Mongols. Celebrated annually in Ulaanbaatar on 11-12 July, is a three manly games representing the traditional arts of Mongolia: wrestling,...

Inle Lake, Myanmar (Birmanie)

PHAUNG DAW U - INLE LAKE, from 28-09-2011 to 15-10-2011

Every year for 18 days during the full moon of October, huge boats travel from one village to another on Inle Lake, surrounded by villages on stilts, with on board the golden statues Buddha. These sacred statues visit one or more monasteries and are honored by the...

Pachacamac, Lima, Pérou

PERUVIAN PASO HORSE COMPETITION, from 15-04-2012 to 20-04-2012

The Spanish horse, bred with the Arab stallion and reared in a desert environment, gave rise to the Peruvian Paso horse. For 300 years, the blood of this new breed was improved until the Paso horse develops characteristics that have made ??him one of the best races...

302-330 10 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0Y7, Canada

CALGARY STAMPEDE, from 06-07-2012 to 15-07-2012

The ultimate experience in the life of a cowboy, the famous Calgary Stampede, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2012, a global celebration for the Ummah and a chance for all Calgarians to get involved the benefit of their city and to attend the largest...

1160 Rue de la Gauchetière Ouest, Montréal, QC H3B 2S2, Canada

CANADIAN HOCKEY CLUB, from 13-10-2011 to 07-04-2012

Several times winner of the Stanley Cup, the Hockey Club of Montreal, he is moving in the National Hockey League. The games are held at the Bell Centre, which can also visit.

Arêches-Beaufort, 73270 Beaufort, France

PIERRA MANTA, from 15-03-2012 to 18-03-2012

Since 25 years Areches-Beaufort hosts an impressive ski mountaineering race that borrows its name from the huge rock that dominates its 2714 m.; 2 per team of over 400 competitors will climb during 4 days the 10,000 m. of elevation gain. Athletes are expected at the...

Auckland, Nouvelle-Zélande

RUGBY WORLD CUP, from 09-09-2011 to 23-10-2011

Enjoy the Rugby World Cup for visiting the kiwi country. You can explore its nature and sublime scenery breathtaking. Many experiences await you ... even without a ticket to attend the games!

Plaça de Pau Vila, 1, 08039 Barcelone, Espagne

COPA DEL REY, from 01-08-2011 to 06-08-2011

The history of the Copa Del Rey Audi Mapfre is the chronicle of competition sailing of the highest level in Spain and the Mediterranean. Thirty editions support a sports event which has tried, from its very beginning, to improve day by day, growing into one of the...

Nakatajima Sand Dunes

TAKOAGE GASSEN - KITESURF FIGHTING, from 03-05-2012 to 04-05-2012

Over a hundred kites are launched into the sky above the dunes Nakatajima, one of the three largest sand dunes in Japan, facing the sea Enshunada. Here you can see very large kites of 4 meters by 4 meters. The sound of trumpets, the fighting began. Interlocking...

Japon, ?556-0016 ??25??

SUMO GRAND TOURNAMENT, from 11-03-2012 to 25-03-2012

Experience the most traditional ritual of Japan culture : Sumo tournament are a great place to understand and feel the country. Book earlier!

09076 Sedilo Oristano, Italie

MAN AND HORSES, from 27-07-2011 to 27-07-2011

For centuries, the shepherds of Sedilo celebrate a frantic cavalcade a decisive victory in their "holy" Constantine. Tens of thousands of Sardis and tourists make the pilgrimage in the mountainous hinterland to attend this unique event.

Byron Bay Nouvelle-Galles du Sud 2481, Australie

BYRON BAY SURF FESTIVAL, from 20-10-2011 to 23-10-2011

The Byron Bay Surf Festival is a demonstration of surf culture today for three days, including: surfing, art, music, cinema and lifestyle. Byron Bay is the perfect place to showcase all that is unique in the surf, drawing on the rich heritage of surfing locally and...

Port Macquarie Nouvelle-Galles du Sud 2444, Australie

AUSTRALIAN SURF FESTIVAL, from 13-08-2011 to 27-08-2011

The Australian Surf Festival is held since 1964, the event of surfing the longest in Australia. The Land of Surf combines in a unique celebration of life surfer. Do not miss this great event and the best surfers in the country, as they all converge towards the Port...

Arènes de Málaga, Paseo REDING, 8, 29016 Malaga, Espagne

MALAGA'S FERIA, from 12-08-2011 to 21-08-2011

Feria of Málaga commemorates the reconquest of the city by the Catholic Kings in August 1487. The former home of the Cortijo de Torres enclosure of the fair, El Real, where several activities, contests, performances and concerts are organized. A host of events...

14-16 Boulevard de la Plage, 33680 Lacanau, France

SOORUZ LACANAU PRO, from 11-08-2011 to 21-08-2011

Lacanau hosts the annual Soöruz Lacanau Pro, which is a step in the world championship of professional surfing. The best surfers from around the world compete in Lacanau, before continuing the series of world championship qualification. Activity deeply rooted in...

Rue des Haras, 65000 Tarbes, France

EQUESTRIA IN TRABES, from 26-07-2011 to 31-07-2011

Horse lovers can not miss a single edition of Equestria! In the case of the national stud farm of Tarbes, the birthplace of the Anglo-Arab, the best of creation there is riding its neighborhoods every summer with over 300 horsepower and nearly 500 speakers and...

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