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Portugal, A-Dos-Cunhados - Torres Vedras

Areias Do Seixo Charm Hotel And Residences

Areias do Seixo is a unique, sophisticated hotel, surrounded by nature. This "Charm Hotel" offers elegant décor, natural gourmet meals, and a...

Portugal, Sintra

Lawrence S

The oldest hotel in the Iberian Peninsula and the first of this style in Europe. The Lawrence's hotel is a restaurant with rooms (five suites and...

Portugal, Alijó

Pousada de Alijo

Alijó Pousada is located in the old village of Alijó, heart of the Douro Wine Region among the famous "quintas", small estates where the Port Wine...

Portugal, Amares

Pousada de Amares

Sta. Maria do Bouro Pousada, is the result of the restoration of a former Cistercian Monastery, one of the most characteristic of that period in...

Portugal, Arraiolos

Pousada de Arraiolos

The Pousada Arraiolos Hotel, Nossa Sra. Assunção, is an example of perfect harmony between the traditional and modern concepts of Portuguese...

Portugal, Torreira

Pousada de Aveiro

Located in the isthmus that connects Murtosa to the beaches of São Jacinto, the Pousada de Murtosa Torreira - Ria is set in a preserved area with...

Portugal, Beja

Pousada de Beja

The first records of S. Francis Convent, date from the 10th November of 1268, marking the donation of lands, for its construction, from Paio Pires...

Portugal, Braga

Pousada de Braga

Pousada São Vicente is the result of the complete restoration of a late 19th century palace transformed and converted into a small charm hotel...

Portugal, Bragança

Pousada de Braganca

Bragança, too often forgotten due to its distance from the decision-making centers, will be impossible to forget, once visited. From the Pousada...

Portugal, Condeixa-a-Nova

Pousada de Condeixa a Nova

Pousada was from Almadas Family and was building in XVI century. From many years receive people from European nobleness. In the first half of XIX...

Portugal, Elvas

Pousada de Elvas

Opened in 1942, the Santa Luzia Pousada was the first of the Pousadas de Portugal and is a fine example of typical Alentejo architecture. Today,...

Portugal, Guimarães

Pousada de Guimaraes - Oliveira

The Pousada de Guimarães - Nossa Sra. da Oliveira is located in the medieval historical centre of Guimarães, traditionally known as the birthplace...

Portugal, Manteigas

Pousada de Manteigas

It was made by the Architect Rogério de Azevedo, using stone of the region, and it was decorated by Maria Keil. The inauguration it happened in...

Portugal, Ourém

Pousada de Ourem

The Pousada Conde de Ourém is made of three buildings, two of them connected by a kind of a tunnel and the third one is independent. The oldest...

Portugal, Palmela

Pousada de Palmela

The Palmela Castle doesn't reveal any important architectonical reference, neither has any legends. However it is mentioned by the Portuguese...

Portugal, Sagres

Pousada de Sagres

Pousada Infante is framed into a landscape of wilderness, a stone's throw from the Atlantic where one finds the picturesque village of Sagres in...

Portugal, Santa Clara-a-Velha

Pousada de Santa Clara

The original building where today the Inn is placed was constructed jointly with the dam, that it was inaugurated in 1969. Initially it was the...

Portugal, Setúbal

Pousada de Setubal

São Filipe's historical Pousada was installed at the fort with the same name, and built in the late XVI century. A construction of the fort it is...

Portugal, Tavira

Pousada de Tavira

The Graça Convent in Tavira was once the Convent of the Cloistered Augustinian Nuns, which was founded by King D. Sebastião around 1569. It stands...

Portugal, Valença

Pousada de Valenca

Set on the highest place of the old fortified area of Valença, near the Spanish border, this Pousada enjoys a magnificent view over Spain, the...

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