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Bon Ton Resort

Bon Ton Resort

Langkawi, Malaysia

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Bon Ton Restaurant Kuala Lumpur opened in an old colonial bungalow in the city in 1987. Combined with an antique gallery and wine room it was a leader in KL. The decision to expand to Langkawi was made in 1992. Bon Ton Langkawi opened as a sister restaurant and gallery shop in February 1994. At that time, the site was a completely undeveloped coconut plantation. In contrast to the city restaurant, Bon Ton Langkawi was set up with a resort/casual open-air feel. The KL business was sold in 1999. The Langkawi restaurant serves more seafood because of its location. The style of the food is Western with spice, complimented by a local specialty of Nyonya food (the marriage of the Chinese and Malay). Desserts however are another story. Here everything is wickedly sinful, made with real ingredients, resulting in a delicious taste sensation! To top it all off, most are served with homemade ice cream. Given the location and surrounds of the restaurant and gallery, Bon Ton soon evolved in to a boutique resort. Between 1995 and 2004, eight antique “Malay Kampung” houses and a Chinese provisions shop were relocated to the site. The houses were brought in from different locations around the island and mainland and ranged in age from 60-120 years old. It took approximately 2 weeks to pull down the houses and up to 3 months to reassemble them. Restoration work required patience and attention to detail and was completed by local carpenters skilled in the old tradition of “Kampung” house construction. Once this work was completed, modern amenities were installed and each house was decorated in a unique Aseana style. All houses are totally different in layout and decor. The furniture used is antique and the fabrics from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. All villas are air-conditioned and fitted with modern bathroom facilities & natural soap ceiling fans, TV, DVD/CD player, tea/coffee making facilities, toaster and fridge. Five houses have outdoor private sun decks with freestanding wooden bathtubs and sun loungers provided, so guests can enjoy the sun by the day and stars at night. The other three, all have their wooden bathtub in the main house.

Restaurant, cigar room, wine room, private dining room, lounge bar, lap pool, complimentary wifi access, gallery, transportation, market and island tours, book magazine, late check out, CD/DVD player and TV, laundry, complimentary baby cot for accompanying children, tea/coffee.

  • BLUE GINGER Blue Ginger has the feel of a simple antique beach cottage with its white washed internal walls. It has a charm of its own, especially when you open the door to your private sun deck and outdoor bath tub. This 80 year old Malay house is centrally supported from a round post shaped from a tree trunk.
    650.00 RYM
  • YELLOW ORCHID This simple 60 year old Malay house was originally a fisherman’s house but has now been transformed into a summery colorful villa. The front has an open balcony and at the back awaits a secluded open-air bathroom and sun deck during the day. By night you can soak in the bath gazing at the stars.
    650.00 RYM
  • WHITE FRANGIPANI This 80 year old typical Malay house with a main reception area has a raised sleeping area which was originally for the whole family. The kitchen space becomes a link passage to the dressing room and bathroom. Simple in form yet interesting, because of the different rooms space and contrasting Asian textiles and colors. Also at the back awaits an open-air bathroom and sun deck during the day.
    890.00 RYM
  • BLACK CORAL A 100 year old Malay Nobleman’s house with intricate carvings made for natural ventilation. The windows are positioned at a lower level in line with the eye of guests sitting on the floor. The most dramatic house with dark wood contrasted by furnishings in white and beautiful Malaysian “Songket” textiles. Also at the back awaits a secluded open-air bathroom and sun deck during the day.
    890.00 RYM
  • LAGUNA The 120 year old Laguna villa, very stately in feel, has sweeping lagoon views even from the Chinese style wooden bathtub for two. The warm interior colors of orange, rust and tans invitingly ensure you spend plenty of time inside. A large balcony at the entrance offers the ideal spot for sunset cocktails.
    990.00 RYM
  • PALM This 120 year old house sits majestically and picturesque beside the pool. Beautiful carved panels above the windows make this house a treat to the eye. The antique marble table is perfectly situated in the corner, to while away the hours reading or writing. The neighbouring house Laguna is its twin in size and layout. Both have extra large bedroom and bathrooms.
    990.00 RYM
  • SILK At 120 years old, Silk Villa is grand and charming with old plantation style shutters and intricate carvings. A subtle mix of shades of grey and black tinted with a touch of pink, give this house its own identity. With two queen beds in one room and two single beds in another room, it is the ideal house for a family to feel at home. Also at the back awaits an open-air bathroom and sun deck during the day.
    1270.00 RYM
  • CAHAYA Formerly a head of the village residence, this spacious 100 year old Malay house has been recently renovated. It has a large main bedroom, with King Bed, and a separate living room, with three day beds that easily convert to a second bedroom. Two bathrooms and two entrances make this the perfect house for sharing with family or friends.
    1270.00 RYM
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